Quick Tips For Reverse Vasectomy

complete the anatomists on this side you following completion of the vasectomy reversal on both sides each Adidas is delivered back into its respective Semi scrotal space at this point we illustrate the two separate openings and the Dar dis muscle completed through the single midlife incision if necessary the incision can be closed with a single floral bias and suture.

At the conclusion of the case you can see that the single midlife incision measures approximately one centimeter by minimizing both the number and size of the incisions and the degree of surgical dissection required to expose the vs we have observed that patients recover quicker following surgery with significantly less pain without compromising surgical outcomes they’re well selected patients surgeons can easily adopt the principles of the single incision vasectomy reversal procedure.

It’s why it’s for the most reverse vasectomy popular method of birth control really in most countries and it’s just a simple matter as you might recall in the doctor’s office under local anesthesia maybe a little sedation making a little tiny puncture size almost incision in the scrotum very small incision and then cutting that duct and that’s the duct that carries the sperm from the testicle up into the abdomen and background into the ejaculatory duct so it would seem like the way to solve the problem in Reverse vasectomy would be simply to reconnect the two ends of the vs that is where it’s been cut and where scar tissue is filled in just to reconnect the two ends well that’s not so easy to do because the inner canal.

The vas is extremely tiny it’s almost the size of a period at the end of the page even though the outer wall the the thick outer wall that makes vasectomy so easy is a very easily discernible it’s a tough muscle that can be palpated under the scrotal skin and that’s why it’s so easy to do a vasectomy through a tiny incision because that thick outer wall the vas is very very tough and hard but to reconnect.